Friday, February 25, 2011

No Effing Way!

I just have to let some steam out. bear with me. For the international readers, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the historic People Power Revolution that brought about the fall of strongman Ferdinand Marcos's reign as President of the 4th Republic of the Philippines. I hope those who were interviewed here get to read this entry of mine. For my fellow Filipinos viewing, and reading this entry, I hope that somehow, in my own little way, enlighten you on this sad, sad mistake.

This video is outrageous!

This is so degrading!

One of the greatest achievements of the Filipino people in their quest for democracy trashed by the reason the People Power EDSA Revolution of 1986 fought for: the youth of the future. My generation! And how do we repay those who shed their blood and tears so we will be free people? WE MOCK THEM!

I was totally appalled by the answer of some guy, by 3:40s of the video, who said, that it doesn't mean a thing anymore? FOR CRYING OUT LOUD? I get to watch this on one of the most important days in the history of the Philippines? I know it is preposterous to say, but, can someone kill me now?

And Ninoy was president before Marcos? REALLY NOW?! For shame! This is what infuriates me the most. They pretend to know about it, when in fact, have they even bothered brushing up on history? This is considered as a great contribution to the world, which Egypt brought up during it's call for Mubarak to resign, and this is how we treat their homage? FOR SHAME PEOPLE!

Come to think of it, these kids might be with the I AM NINOY movement. Yet they don't know the culmination of the fight Ninoy was fighting? Seriously? The only bright spot I saw from this was one guy. ONE GUY! Out of all the students they talked to, only one came up with an intelligent answer.

And they are being educated? Educated on what? Where did this Gen. Tomas Diaz or Reyes came from? WHERE IN THE NINE HELLS? This, people, is what they must be educated upon: that the People Power Revolution is not a thing of the past. That the People Power Revolution does not hold any meaning in this present day. That the People Power Revolution was brought about by a society that wanted change, freedom, and an end to a tyrannical rule through prayers.

Let's look inside ourselves, think for a moment. Did what these students say hold ground? Is this a reflection of the current generation of Filipinos? If so, is there a way we can correct this, for surely there is a way? And to the students who were interviewed in the clip, except for that one guy who gave the best answer, shame unto you. You guys may be way older than I am, but I proudly say that I know what transpired in the 1986 People Power Revolution. From its start, to its end, I made sure I know of the details. Don't you think you are just affirming how much of dumbasses people perceive us to be? Seriously, you are not helping the cause of Filipinos to gain recognition for being great. You guys are helping the cause of foreigners who want to prove that we Filipinos don't have anything to work on, that we are idiots, that we are good-for-nothing people.

This is how we repay Ninoy Aquino for bravely fighting the Marcos regime. This is how we repay Cory Aquino, who fought with the people even in her darkest time. This is how we repay all those thousands of brave souls who dared to stare down the barrel of an M-16 rifle, and of a tank's main cannon. This is how we repay all the prisoners who were labeled as enemies of the state for being subversive. This is how we repay the soldiers who staked their honor and lives to join forces with the peaceful masses to topple the government. This is how we repay our mothers and fathers who dared to take the streets to give us, their children, better lives and free of being human-rights violation victims.

This is how we repay our history, by mocking it.

This is how we bring shame to completely dull all the glitz and glamor our venerated sports hero, Manny Pacquiao, has given the nation.

This is how we bring about, the downfall of the Filipino nation.


  1. I totally agree with you. What we see in that video is a result of kids who live ignorantly in the freedom that their parents' generation fought for. It's more than just embarrassing for themselves, they're also disrespecting the same people who died to give them back the power to speak freely.

  2. Well, it's quite sad that it had to be so...

    First by (distant) analogy, the disappearance of the WWF Attitude Era...

    Next would be the downfall of indie Rock Bands (not just in our country) and genre-dedicated stations, in favor of the so-called 'masa-centric' ones...

    Now this...

    I swear to God that Counterculture like this BS shall eventually kill Filipino culture...

    P.S. Didn't know you're also into Gunpla... ^^

  3. Zeon26

    i agree with you man. well said. ^^

    P.S. been in Gunpla ever since i was Grade 1 man.