Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MG 1/100 00 Raiser New Image

Saw this at Zero-G, thanks to our member, Singlemedia for sharing the picture with us. A colored 00 Raiser, Doesn't it look sweet? On to finer points, it's reported to have 5 LED applicable ports. Looking at the pic, I'm assuming it's the GN Drives (of course), the two GN Condensers (look at the clear green part, it looks lit up) and the head unit? that one I'm not quite sure off. But the 4 guesses, maybe. Do give me some thoughts. Enjoy! Also, thanks to Gundam Guy for the rest of the pics.


  1. Here's to hoping that the Seven Sword/G package will come soon.

    However, might not go pick this up immediately as I got my sights on HGs first... and I don't have space on my cupboard... '^^

    P.S. Mind if I add you in my blogroll? And you can call me Zeon for short...

  2. i don't mind being on a blogroll dude. very much appreciated. :D

    hm, the only thing i want with the 7S/G is the GN saber. but, i'm fine with this one. would be interesting to see if i have learned enough skills to SB my own set.